Cannabis Terpenes: What are Linalool and Myrcene

Continuing on from our last article on terpenes today we are going over the effects and properties of the terpenes Linalool and Myrcene. If you haven't read our last article on terpenes feel free to check it out here to learn about Pinene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene. 


Linalool is the monoterpene responsible for the earthy, sweet, and spicy smell of some cannabis strains. Linalool is found in many plants, such as mint, oregano, and rose.

Linalool possesses a lot of benefits, it can help relieve both mental stress and physical stress through its anti-anxiety properties and its immune system-boosting effects.

Linalool also has antimicrobial effects, protecting plants against pests and helping the body fight against bacteria. Linalool also is what gives lavender its sedating effect, something which has been used across many cultures throughout history.

When it comes to cannabis strains with high levels of linalool, the effects of these cannabis-derived terpenes on the brain aren’t well studied.


Finally, myrcene is a monoterpene that is most commonly found in cannabis, hops, and lemongrass, it's also used as a food additive for flavor and aroma. 

Myrcene possesses sedating and muscle-relaxing effects. Herbs high in myrcene have also been used for a very long time for sleep aid, although there haven’t been enough studies to confirm these effects.

Some studies found myrcene could be a potential carcinogen, when tested on rats it increased the number of tumors in their liver and kidney, but some studies found myrcene could have anti-cancer properties as it inhibits certain enzymes in the liver and can protect against DNA damage. All these studies are done on rodents in doses that would be relatively high for humans, so the effects on humans aren’t well known.

As with most terpenes research for myrcene is still an ongoing venture. How myrcene interacts with other terpenes and cannabinoids in the body when derived from cannabis is still not well-studied.


In short terpenes can be great for improving or adding something new to your cannabis experience, but the world of terpenes is a every growing field with more and more research being published every year.

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